Venetian-style calves' liver with onions

Venetian-style calves’ liver with onions

Liver, and especially calves liver, is full of nutrients. Offal are cheap compared to the more noble cuts of meat but a good piece of young calves liver costs a bit more while remaining good value.
Liver is often paired with onion. On the one hand, going back to the theme of economically priced offal, onions were usually abundant.

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Beef and chervil soup with pasta

This is a very pleasant and nutritious soup for when you are trying to lose weight after spending some nice holidays. I found some interesting beef shank at the supermarket – my butcher’s is closed for a few weeks – and started by making a beef broth. The next day I removed the (little) fat from the stock and added vegetables, chervil and pasta. The chervil gives it a nice anise-like flavour.

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Quail on the barbecue

Quail on the barbecue

Sometimes you do not need much for a great dinner. Like this recipe of quail grilled on the barbecue.

I had four prepared quail, with its innards still inside, and I flattened them. I put a leave of sage in each bird and then inserted wooden pins in a cross-like fashion. This was to make the grilling easier and an unflattened bird would brown unevenly or need constant turning.

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Lobster on the barbecue

Lobster on the BBQ

Lobster is a luxury ingredient because of its price. It is more expensive than prime beef and you can buy a whole lot of chicken for the same money. Or more than a week of vegetables.
Lobster is also relatively rare. It is not threatened with extinction, yet, but it is fished with special cages or sometimes finds itself in dragnets. There are no reared lobster in France, but there is a “lobster farm” in Malaysia that supplies some restaurants in the United States.
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