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Beef ‘soto’ soup

Soto is an Indonesian soup and can be made with various ingredients. Here I used rib of beef, because it was on offer, and a soto spicy mix from the Dutch Koningsvogel brand. You can also make your own soto mix.
Rib of beef is rather fat and it is advisable to let the beef broth cool overnight so that you can scoop off the fat the following morning.


  • 500 grammes of rib of beef
  • One onion
  • Two leeks
  • Two carrots
  • One celery stick
  • One turnip
  • laurel
  • kaffir lime
  • Four cloves
  • peper and salt
  • Parsley
  • soto mix
  • (shallot puree with candlenuts, lemon grass, garlic, ginger, ketumbar, kunyit)
  • Four potatoes


  1. Put water in a large pan and bring to the boil.
  2. Cut the vegetables, stick cloves in the onion.
  3. Add the meat to the pan and wait until a whitish foam forms. Scoop off the foam. When no new foam is formed, add the vegetables and spices as well as some salt.
  4. Continue cooking slowly for at least an hour.
  5. Let it cool.
  6. Scoop off the fat.
  7. Reheat the broth, cook the potatoes, add the soto mix to the pan.
  8. Slice the potatoes and add them also to the pan. Serve.

Traditionally, a soto is accompanied by fried onions, cooked eggs, bean sprouts and kroepoek (shrimp crackers)

Beef and barley soup with an Asian touch

It is Monday and the butcher’s is closed because they open on Sunday morning. Go figure.
I had abandoned buying meat at the supermarket because it is better from the butcher and, surprisingly, often even cheaper. However, when I saw a kilo of beef at the supermarket at 5 euros, with the mention “Limousin” for the provenance, I fell for the offer.
At first I thought I would make a stew, but the weather was too warm for that (and that explained perhaps the discount price as the central meat buying department had misjudged the weather). I opted for a beef soup and bought some organic vegetables. Continue reading Beef and barley soup with an Asian touch

Beef and chervil soup with pasta

This is a very pleasant and nutritious soup for when you are trying to lose weight after spending some nice holidays. I found some interesting beef shank at the supermarket – my butcher’s is closed for a few weeks – and started by making a beef broth. The next day I removed the (little) fat from the stock and added vegetables, chervil and pasta. The chervil gives it a nice anise-like flavour.

Continue reading Beef and chervil soup with pasta

Cauliflower soup with Avesnes cheese and smoked ham

Cauliflower is a very healthy vegetable with anti-cancer and detox properties. However, it stinks when cooking and has a very bland taste. Basically, it is boring and needs something to liven it up.

Often it is combined with cheese, as in the British cauliflower cheese dish or the Dutch cauliflower with cheese sauce dish.

In France, cauliflower is often prepared with a white sauce of cream and flour (béchamel) to which grated cheese can be added (mornay) and also ham.

Here, I make a soup of the cauliflower and add a pungent and spicy cheese – Boulette d’Avesnes.

It is another cheese from the North, made up mainly (95 %) of left-over Maroilles cheese with added herbs and spices such as parsley,tarragon, clove and paprika.

It has a conical shape and is red on the outside because of the paprika. I also add smoked ham, preferably Ardennes ham to stick to the Hainault area of northern France and southern Belgium. Continue reading Cauliflower soup with Avesnes cheese and smoked ham