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Chicken legs with tarragon sauce

On Mondays, we go to the fresh market of Mirepoix where we have a number of trusted suppliers, like the refrigerated van of Guillemot for meat and the Zengarli family for vegetables.
The Guillemot farm lies in the mountains beyond Foix and is run by a Dutchman, Hugo De Jonge Van Ellemeet, and his French partner Annie who visits the markets. They raise cows, lam ban chicken. There chickens are real free-range animals with sturdy legs and they are slaughtered much later than the battery chickens that have hardly left the chick stage.
We bought, among other things, two legs of some 300 grams each.
At the vegetable stand there were fresh herbs and I bought a bunch of tarragon, not realising at that moment that we have our own tarragon in the garden…
I mulled the idea of making a Béarnaise sauce as that goes well with chicken and uses tarragon. But because of the butter and cream, plus gherkin, chervil and eggs that goes into the preparation, I decided against making such a heavy mayonnaise-like sauce.
Instead, I braised the legs, added white wine and tarragon and later also chicken stock.

Ingredients (for two)

Two chicken legs
A bunch of tarragon
A large glass of white wine
Three cups of chicken stock (fond de volaille, either home-made, cube or powder)
Four table spoons of cream
20 grams of butter

Melt the butter in a skillet with a rim (and lid), add the legs and cook at moderate heat for five minutes, turn the legs and cook for five more minutes.
Add one or two whole washed branches of tarragon and white wine. Let it bubble up. Then add the stock.
Lower the heat, put the lid on the pan and cook for 20 minutes, then turn and cook for another 20 minutes. (With smaller legs or a different quality of meat the cooking times can be reduced, test with a fork whether the meat is done)
Take out the legs and put them on a dish and cover with aluminium foil.
Turn up the heat under the skillet, lid removed and reduce the cooking sauce by half or more – you only need about a cup of sauce.
Pass the sauce through a sieve into a bowl, to remove the tarragon and any other fatty or bony bits, and mix in the cream with a whisk. Taste for any salt or pepper; I used stock powder that already contained salt so I did not add a thing.
Pour the sauce over the legs and sprinkle with some tarragon leaves. Serve.

Chicken with lemon, onion and marjoram

My wife is growing herbs in a window box and she recently had a relatively large harvest of marjoram. I could have used it on a pizza dish but the dough and cheese would have been rather heavy, especially with the current heat.

I stumbled on this recipe. The combination of lemon and chicken is a pleasant one and I used it in roast chicken. Here, the procedure is slightly different.

The result was very pleasant. We were left with a lot of sauce afterwards that could be used to accompany other dishes.

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Roast chicken with lemon

Sometimes the simplest recipes give extraordinary good results.

Like this variation on the classic roast chicken from the oven.

Lemon gives it a bit of peps, it makes it tangy and fresh, it also helps preventing the chicken meat from getting dry during the cooking.

This you can also prevent through low temperature cooking or by putting the chicken in a plastic bag, but then you do not get the typical scorched and crackly skin of the traditional roast chicken.

Here the coriander and the lemon juice give the chicken an appetising colour.

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Poached Bresse chicken with bear garlic

I love to cook with the seasons and to use seasonal products, provided they are not very expensive such as the morel mushrooms at the moment. One of the early manifestations of Spring is the appearance of young shoots of various vegetables and plants.
Such as bear garlic.
I first ran into this herb in Switzerland where you can find it in the shades in mountain valleys. In fact, you can smell it as the plants grow closely together and emanate a garlicky smell. They are full of vitamin c and have medicinal properties related to the prevention of arthritis, and it is also a slimming agent.

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Chicken liver pie

We had bought some chicken liver at the poultry stall on the market and I had a package of pie dough left in the refrigerator. With some shallots, raspberry vinegar, eggs and cream, I made a nice quiche-like open pie.

Why raspberry vinegar? It is one of those French habits. The vinegar helps to kill any bacteria that might be lurking in the innards and raspberry gives sweetness to the taste. Alternatively, balsamic vinegar or wine can be used with chicken livers.

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